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About me

As some of you allready are aware one of my other great passions is rescuing stray and unwanted dogs and cats from the streets.

This became a passion for me while on holliday in Albania I was struck by the amount of straydogs and cats I saw walking in the streets of both Durres and Tirana. When I saw how badly many Albanians treated these poor unfortunate souls ( ranching from teasing them with food and kicking them in the face all the way up to torture and outright murder) I knew in my heart of hearts I had to act. Especially after learning that the Albanian governments at the municipal level, are also participants in this cruelty ( lacing food with stricnine resulting in a slow and painfull death for these poor beings)

Since then, I have developped an adoption website and have worked tirelessly on finding forever homes for these beautiful loving souls.

To make you all aware, I believe so much in this that 10% of the proceeds I make as a session provider, go towards the maintenance and upkeep, medical expenses and travelcosts in the process of finding forever homes for these beings. 

If you are interested in this (and you better be) there are several ways you can help:

1.By paying a little extra for a session, keeping in mind that this is a serious passion of mine and very important to me.

2. By making a one time donation to my animal rescue website.

3. By making a monthly contribution to my animal rescue site for the maintenance and upkeep for these beautiful souls, and / or,

4.By pledging to adopt one of these animals in need. 

If you, as a session client are interested in me as a person... know that rescuing straydogs and cats from a life of abuse torture and murder is something I am extremely passioned about.


Marlinda Branco