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Welcome to Marlinda Branco's  chatline.

Here you can seek advice and counsil for any personal and business and juridical issues you may have in your life

Click on the following link to see if I am online.

There you see that you first have to join free to enable yourself to call me.

I am somewhat of a clearvoient and I am also known for being an empath. Therefor if you need to talk or need guidence and advice conserning any personal or business issues I am available to provide the quidence and advice you seek.

Aside from my skills at reading and interpreting cards, I have always been able to manifest the things I need in my life (money love and material things)The skill of manifestation is not an easy skill to learn. However I can teach you if you are truly willing to learn 




Clairfeeling guidance & protection

Narcissists & hypocrites 

Fentanil addiction

Sex addiction

Eating disorder



Healing of phycical problems


Contact with deceased people/ animals


Life coach

Emotional and mental problems, physical complaints as a result

High sensitivity coach

Good conversation

Listening ear

Animal whisperer

Manifesting your goals

Tarot / Angel cards