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15 days ago

Decided to try some something a little more alternative. I had read a bunch of good things about Mistress Marlinda, so I thought I would reach out to her.

Booking was fast and easy, she responded quickly and we set a time to meet. Location of outcall was convenient and had parking.

After a proper amount of limit setting and careful conversation about safety, she switched on ... and I was suddenly being towed around by a collar and restrained with an ease that really clarified her experience. It was clear that she was totally totally into it, yet was careful to make sure the experience was amazing for me. I enjoyed every minute of our session and I am looking forward to repeating with her. I highly recommend her.


21 days ago

The thought of giving up control and being dominated has interested me for a long time, but I never actualised this fantasy. Be that as it may, I decided to give it a try.

After doing some research online, I found Mistress Marlinda and decided to give it a try. She understood I was new to this, so as soon as I walked in, she clearly clarified the ground rules, had me shower, and then lay on the bed whereupon she restrained me.

Since this was my first time, I didn’t have an idea of what I was I going to like or dislike. She did a great job of dominating me in order to give me a feel for the different bdsm treats in the perfect combination of pleasure and pain... but at the same time in an assertive voice walking me through what she was going to do to me next, unless she had the blindfold on me, then it was all a surprise, but in a very good way.

Mistress Marlinda is amazing at what she does, and you can tell that she really enjoys it, which makes the experience that much better.

The time flew by much too fast and I plan to see her again in the near future.


3 months ago

Marlinda is truly the best.

I fucking came 3 times deep down her throat in a 3 hour session. Fucked anal to mouth and huge dildo up her ass while I penetrated her beautiful cunt .

We had great conversations as well and her body looked amazing . She welcomed me on black high heels and a black catsuit and blond long loose hair.

We arranged the hotel beds on top of each other so I had easy access to her deep throating my cock at the right angle... as well as me fucking her standing up in both her cum holes.

The anal rim job she gave me during the session was exquisite. Also she had no problem me shoving my fat cock deep down in her throat allowing me to squirt my cum down her throat... not pulling back her head untill I was done cumming. Those horny eyes of hers made me come even harder.
Cannt wait to meet her again.


3 months ago

Had a wonderfully sticky and stinky session with sweet Mistress Marlinda.

She made me jerk off with her vile poo. Then she covered her body in her own vile filth. Then with my poo covered stink cock, I fucked her up her tight asshole.

There was, of course, much more filth play we did together, but I choose to leave the reader to his imagination and I to immerse myself in the joyous memories of what actually occured between my Mistress and I.

She is a very unique woman. A dream woman who has no barriers.

June 23 2023

4 months ago

May 26th 2023

Where do I start ? Extremely pretty, sensual... sultry and very classy.

Being new to BDSM, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I had always fantasized about it but never actualised my fantasies. Having said that, I felt very much at ease when Mistress Marlinda instructed me to strip down. Gradually she began stretching my tight ass with various sized dildos... and eventually, I was able to take the largest she had in her collection. I couldn’t get enough of feeling her stretching me to my limit. And each time she whipped my ass as she thrusted it inside me heightened my pleasure.

I am not going to disclose all… but I will say my session was everything I wanted it to be, having orgasmed several times and leaving with an extreme feeling of satisfaction knowing I submitted to such an awesome Mistress.

If you’d like to experience giving up all control don't hesitate to book Mistress Marlinda. She really is the best at what she does.


5 months ago

It was by far the most intense session I have ever had both mentally and physically. It is not for nothing Mistress Marlinda offers her services under the title" No Limit".

I have never quite run the plethora of emotions as I did tonight - nervous, excited, scared, joy and sometimes all of them at once.

I am still trying to process everything. I have never been pushed as far as I was pushed tonight - thank You for that my Queen.

Slave Fredrick Brussels
April 28th 2023

5 months ago

Mistress Marlinda has made my introduction into BDSM a truly wonderful experience . From the moment when I first contacted her, to my most recent session, she has always had a way of making me feel welcome and apriciated .

When a guy is serving his mistress, sometimes it may feel as if you are shedding your confidence as a sub but Mistress Marlinda has a way of instilling that she believes in you as a person and as a sub.

That alone is more rewarding than any kind of regular hardcore session.

She has taught me the importance of setting goals and showed me how I could best reach them. Through her discipline, I have learned many life-skills that help me out in my personal life. She is quite addicting once you meet her in person... you will definitely want more of her.

5 months ago

Indeed, certain toilet slaves must learn their place in a lovely mistress world. I am proud to say that I am Mistress Marlinda's toilet boy.

That includes my ability to open my mouth so that I am able to swallow up a great deal of her shit.

A proper mistress, like Queen Marlinda will make her slave open his mouth and chew up and down on all of her warm creamy shit until she is satisfied that he has endured enough of the humiliation that he deserves.

There is nothing more than I love than this... to be fully and completely dominated by a woman as perfect as her.

I recommend Mistress Marlinda to everyone who is in the same things I am into.

Toilet Boy
6 months ago

I highly recommend Mistress Marlinda.

I had my first session with her as a novice.

I have always fantasized about being shat upon and tasting the scat of a woman. Initially, I was very nervous, but she put me at ease.

She tailored the session to the fantasy I described to her... and did so with incredible class.

She's also a very beautiful woman. That made it all the more of an amazing experience and I was eager to serve as her toilet.

She was also super personable. I felt I was talking with someone I'd known for a while.

At the end of the session, I realized that I had finally actualized my fantasy. I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment that I was able to fulfill this fantasy.

Toilet Boy

7 months ago

I had a rather wonderful encounter with Mistress Marlinda in Paris.

She took on the role of sub and we were able to play fully in rubber with anal and scat games together... which was amazing for me.

There is nothing I love more than an escort that can ascend to meet the requirements of her clients. Mistress Marlinda is truly all that and a bag of chips.

One of a kind.

Will surely be having another session with her as soon as I can.


8 months ago

Thanks so much for a lovely night of debauchery

You made our night together in Paris far better then I could have even imagined.

Everything you did was perfect. As soon as I walked in and saw you in real life, I knew it was going to be an amazing adventure. You made me feel so welcome and comfortable with my kinky tastes.

I can’t wait to keep pushing my boundaries with you as my mistress.

Thank you so much for making me feel normal.


9 months ago

27th of December.

So, I have been a regular client of Mistress Marlinda for several years now.

She always astounds me every time we have a live or webcam video session together and our sessions are always filthy, dirty, messy and nasty... just the way I like them. ( Scat vomit pee stockings)

I never cum with anybody as strongly as I do with her. She knows what I need and provides it with a skill and class that is truly wonderful.


Eager toilet
9 months ago

I am in a complete state of total fulfillment… I just can’t thank you enough for that experience Mistress Marlinda… I felt like the luckiest guy in the world having been dominated and used by you as your own personal toilet... and I still feel this way. Safe travels back home and please contact me when you are ready to use me again! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I so love the taste of you by the way.

Merry Christmas

Eager Toilet

10 months ago

Hi Mistress Marlinda,

Thank you once again for what was by far the best experience I've ever had with a professional such as yourself... not to mention all of the psudo dominitrix's I've met along the way.

I am astounded by your meticulous ability to gradually stretch me without pain while still making it a tease. Your level of eye contact while simultaneously maintaining my experience, was exquisite & intoxicating.

How could I have gone this long in my life without having ever met you? My past experiences with dominatrix's made me feel as if all was an act... but with you, it genuinely felt like you enjoyed it, almost as much as I did.

I'd ask if you're single but I know better. Thank you once again and I can't wait to see you again in the new year.

Your pet pig

a year ago

Marlinda is a natural when it comes to being a dominatrix.

For me, it was evident that this is a passion for her. She is very much into everything she provides.

I have been seeing her for years and she never ceases to amaze me with her creativity and ability to make our sessions a fun experience.

Her confidence is unshakeable, and her energy is both positive and uplifting. I’m really happy I made the decision to see her initially and have looked forward to each and every session since.

Whether you are a novice, or an ol' hat like me, I highly recommend her services. She’s truly a force of nature who has a way of making one laugh and making them try and do all kinds of kinky things before you even realize what’s going on.


a year ago

thank you amazing videos!😊😋❤️

a year ago

Mistress Merlinda rendered excellent service and is indeed the best in her field. Enjoyed every minute of our session. Would love to visit her again upon my return to Europe. Admired her passion for animal welfare, which I also shared.
- Angelo

a year ago

This was my first time doing BDSM, and I was very nervous. Mistress Marlinda made it a wonderful and fun experience.

Even as she did cruel things to me, she seemed concerned about whether I was having a good time or not, and was careful not to push me too far. Mistress Marlinda is unusual in that she is a kind and caring person. She made me feel valued even while doing cruel things to me.

I was very happy to have chosen Mistress Marlinda to lead me into the BDSM experience. She is totally awesome.

— Bill

a year ago

The recommendation I give for Mistress Marlinda is the highest I can possibly give. Not only will she fuck your body, she will take hold of your mind in order to bring you to places you never thought you could go.

I have been under Mistress Marlinda's spell for a year now and it has been the best thing I have allowed myself to do. She is a top end high class Dominitrix who not only is incredibly beautiful but who clearly enjoys the art. She firmly yet tactfully pushes worthless slaves like myself into new levels of degradation and submission.

My sessions with Mistress Marlinda have gotten to a place where my paramount pleasure is to please her in whatever way I can. And I so love the wide variety of punishments I revieve for my inevitable failures.

I thank you for your wonderful and exquisite teachings my beautiful Queen.

Your loyal servant

a year ago

What can I say that would hallmark Mistress Marlinda and the services she offers ?

I will start by clarifying that I have seen a number of so called professional dominitrix across Europe. However the connection I developed with Mistress Marlinda was special and unique.

She is exigent when screening her clients granted. However, she truly delves into her clients likes and what they hope to achieve within a session. Her website is very clear, walking a client step by step through the procedures for booking a session and when it is playtime... she does not disappoint.

Initially, I booked Mistress Marlinda for a standard spanking and verbal abuse session. However, with her gentle guidance, I have been able to explore other fantasies such as golden showers, anal play and Mommy dominitrix.

Without a doubt, finding the right dominitrix to build an relationship built on trust is essential. This allows a sub to grow and explore fetishes he might never have had the courage to explore.

Mistress Marlinda is truly a top end professional. The best (in my opinion) in her field. She takes great pleasure in guiding her clients to where they want to go... allowing them to do so at their own pace.

Do not hesitate to treat yourself. If you want a truly special and intimate BDSM experience based on trust and understanding, I highly recommend Mistress Marlinda. You will not be disappointed.

Johnathan — 2022

a year ago

Being someone who is a novice when it comes to BDSM, I am a little anxious about just about everything associated with trying new things. However, I was extremely fortunate to find Marlinda's website.

Most of the dominitrix girls I have found online are far too aggressive and intimidating. After speaking with Mistress Marlinda, I found her to be kind, warm  and inviting. Also, she was very willing to help me explore new things at my pace.

She really does go out of her way to make her clients feel safe and comfortable... this is something I very much appriciate as a BDSM novice .

Although I would like to elaborate, the most important thing I can stress is that she is gorgeous and she gently led me to where I wanted to go... without pushing my boundaries.

Mistress Marlinda was the best possible choice I could have made for myself as now I am regularly exploring with her the joys of BDSM and I feel safe doing so with her.


2 years ago

I am an Italian national living and working in Dubai. I make a very good living and I like to play art. Unfortunately I havent been very succesfull in finding people who are able to play as hard as I would like too here in Dubai.
So I began searching online who are willing to travel to Dubai and play at my level.

While online, I came across one advertisement in particular. A gorgeous tall blond woman who, according to her advertisement was willing to play without limitations.

I found her advertisement very interesting and I decided to contact her online to get a better perspective of her and what she is about.
So after answering her questions to her satisfaction, we began speaking online.

After our conversation I was satisfied that she would travel to Dubai and was capable of meeting the requirements in terms of what I desire.

We agreed to an 8 hour session and I made the confirmation deposit as required as well as travel expenses.

On the agreed upon date she arrived at Dubai international on schedual.
We had previously discussed that she would meet a few hours to prepare for our session. So I took her to her hotel near the airport to give her the time she needed.

A few hours later I knocked on her door.

Not going into details, suffice it to say that all my needs were met.

When the session was finished we relaxed for an hour or so. She explained to me about the work she does with straydogs and cats. I was quite impressed by this woman. There was definately more to her then meet the eye.
She showed me her dog and cat rescue site online.

Later on after I left her at her hotel, she would fly back to Europe (the following day) I went to her dogrescue site and made a 300 euro donation.

The next day when I met her to take her to the airport, she was full of smiles. She thanked me for the donation to her dogrescue website and I thanked her for showing me that she was able to give me the type of session that I wanted.

2 years ago

Hi Marlinda,

Can I have 1 month access to all your videos. Can you give me a quote for that?


2 years ago

Hello Marlinda,

I’d really love to buy access to video 17 “get out of this shithole” for 5 days. How can I pay for it and how much would it be? Thanks


2 years ago

“Marlinda is a must try simply because she will make all your fantasies come true. The booking process is smooth and very straight fwd. She’s an expert in all that is kinky. Amazing sloppy deep throat and nows how to give you the best climax”

Dear Marlinda.
Can’t believe it’s been a month already
It was a great memory
Would truly love a repeat with a girl of your caliber

2 years ago

"I met Marlinda during a business stopover in Brussels recently. ( I am based in the middle East )
The booking process and all communications went smoothly. I am not normally keen on paying anyone online and in advance, but she clearly is a person who has been offering professional services for some time without blemish to her good name, and I knew that she would be travelling from Amsterdam at that specific date.

The meeting was several hours long (4 or thereabouts) and I would recommend this as it takes the time pressure off everyone, and we could both relax and enjoy the fun. I know that Marlinda offers a dom service, but I was only interested in meeting her submissive side. We enjoyed several hours of filthy sex with outfits, toys, a little bondage and a lot of imagination. Her blowjobs are sublime, wet and deep, and her ass and pussy are open for all sorts of penetration. I am a big fan of rimming and Marlinda really gave a huge amount of pleasure on that front.
We also filmed and made photos during the entire session

In between sessions I was treated to an excellent massage and good conversation. All in all - highly recommended!"


2 years ago

I am writing this review because I was ordered to by my Mistress Goddess. I am a ceo of a large cooperation I earn a great deal of money and when I play I like to play very firmly (or rather I liked to be played with very firmly) my encounter with my Goddess was arranged after I read the info on her website. Upon enticing contact with her through email she made it very clear to me that there were set rules that I was to follow in order to arrange and secure a playdate with her. Finances not being a problem for me and understanding the logic of her wanting to assure that a session would actually occur, I obediently followed her rules to the letter.

Due to my hectic schedual we had a session encounter 3 weeks later. The session was schedualed for four hours. My Mistress started of the session by verbal abuse and spitting on me. Binding me to a chair and forcing me to keep my mouth open while she spit in my mouth. When I did not respond quickly enough with "thank you Mistress" she slapped my face very hard repeatedly until I was dizzy. During our session as my Mistress gave me this special treatment she drink mass quantities of water which soon began coming out of her. Every time it came out of her it went to a fluted wine goblet which she made me drink. Drinking her punged yellow nectar caused me to gag and caused my errect penis to yerk in exitement. In the process of gagging I had the misfortune of allowing some of her nectar to escape. This infuriated my Mistress and she proceeded to whip my cock and balls with a short and Large riding crop. The pain was excrusiating . Following this came needle play.
This in itself lasted an hour.

The last hour was spend by my Mistress punishing me with a hot iron. First she doutched me with water and when I saw the iron I began crying and begging her to stop. But my crying and begging was betrayed by my arousal.
She started by placing the hot iron on my nipples. I could feel and hear the crackeling and sizzeling of my nipples as my Mistress burned me. And I screamed against the gag in my mouth. When she was done I looked at her with pleeding eyes. She looked back at me with icecolď blue eyes and firmly said you have 2 nipples my dear. Balance is the key to all things in live. My eyes widened in care as she brought the hot iron towards my other nipple. I could feel the heat as it approached. I looked into her cold dead eyes and watch her smirk as she pressed the hot iron against my other nipple. I jerked and twisted against my bonds as I heard the sizzling and felt the burning. Having burned both my nipples ( I could see the triangulour redmarks from where the iron touched me.
Then she nelt between my legs with the iron in her hand staring at me with those cold blue eyes " Do you love respect and appreciate your Mistress" she asked in a soft yet menacing voice.

Thinking she was going to beat my cock and balls with the iron I made it very clear to her that I did love respect and appreciate her and I meant it. She stared at me with her cold blue eyes thought for what seemed like an eternity and said " I believe you".

To my relieve she put the iron down and proceeded to finish our session by giving me the best blowjob I have ever had.

After the session when she had unbound me and removed my gag my Mistress was extremely tender with me. Her eyes went from cold and unfeeling to being sensitive and caring. She put salf on my nipples and on my other parts.

Having been provided with most extreme session I could have wanted I gave my Mistress €1000 extra

I will see her next month for another session.

2 years ago

My name is Shawn. ( A.K.A. Stinky Dog )
I was extremely fortunate to find Mistress Marlinda online. She seemed to be everyting I was looking for in a Mistress, beautiful, strong and Hardcore in every sense of what I require and need.

As required, I read everything pertaining to securing a session with her. Ofcourse I had some concerns about her 50% security deposit requirements. But on reading the reviews and interacting with her online, I felt secure enough with her to adher to all her rules for securing a session.

Speaking of my requirements, I am very much into being treated like a dog. Not a well behaved dog like a labrador, more like a stinky old ball licking, poo eating dog, who must be sternly trained. For example ( and I am getting aroused simply by thinking about it), I would be caught by Mistress Marlinda eating poo. Because of this, Mistress Marlinda would have to punish "Stinky Dog" ( The name inline to be called during a session)

The punishment for Stinky Dog's transgression is a hard caning, followed by a sudden dildo insertion with the fattest dildo in Mistress Marlinda's collection.

Ofcourse, Stinky dog is not allowed to howl or whine during his (my) training.

If I am able to take my training well, then I may (or may not) be allowed to relieve myself by humping her leg ( or anywhere else Mistress Marlinda may allow this)

Having been a good boy during my training, I was then allowed to dress up in my favourite dog suit. (My dog suit has a big bushy tail on the bottom that is connected to a very large But plug which is, ofcourse inserted. This gives me great pleasure when I perform tricks and waggle my tail.

The session lasted six hours in total. Mistress Marlinda was an exquisite trainer, allowing me the utmost joy and pleasure in my roll as Stinky Dog. And although the session was costly, it was completely and totally worth it.

I will absolutely have another session with Mistress Marlinda in six months. So continues the adventures of Stinky Dog.

Post Script

As it happens, I have discovered that one of Mistress Marlinda's great passion is rescuing and adopting out unwanted and abandoned straydogs.

Perhaps it is not for nothing that fate let me to Mistress Marlinda 🙂

3 years ago

I am an Italian business man and discovered mistress Marlinda a few months ago, after having searched for a lifetime what I was looking for. What is that? The realization of a dream, a complete experience without no’s, mind games or taboos, later’s or why’s. On the contrary, I lived a no-limit search for pleasure with a great woman who shared my extreme wishes and was only committed to make them real.

Mistress Marlinda gave me all this gladly, because it is what she really is, not just a job.

But she gave me even more, as I’ll explain.

She listened carefully my desires without embarrassment. I wrote a script like in a porn movie, and she made it real to the last detail without hesitation or judgements. The second time I asked for a more spontaneous extreme girlfiend experience: the name says it all, and again it has been as extreme and perfect as only in my mind. Sex as it should be, with a person who is not on the other side but with you completely, as curious and willing to break any limit as you are, not someone who holds you back, on the contrary!

Mistress Marlinda is also an incredibly experienced professional. She perfectly knows a man’s body: at times she was touching so many “secret points” that I never told anyone at the same time! I was contorting with pleasure: while feeling my whole body explode with pleasure, I have cried, laughed, made any sort of moaning without embarrassment. Not only did she fulfil every desire, she also taught me more of myself, proposing new domination games that were new for me. Her body was at my complete disposal as well for everything I had asked, and I like to explore deep!

During our breaks I also found in her a smart and open-minded soul. We had similar interests, so I could talk to her about subjects that are rare to find someone to speak with. What could I ask more?

She requires respect, but I have been repaid with an incredible sexual experience as comfortably as in my bedroom with myself, I didn’t feel embarrassed for a moment ever since she opened the door.

Sometimes we say not to run with imagination, because the best reality will never be the like. With Mistress Marlinda you can start dreaming by now.

She has a fair price, but I never for a moment thought back at the expense, on the contrary.

I am glad to have found her and I hope to always have the privilege to meet her again.


3 years ago

I am writing this to show appreciation
to the time I spend in session with Mistress Marlinda.

Not only did Mistress Marlinda address each and everyone of my needs and desires she did so with the utmost class and expertise. The session was 4 hours in lenght, and without going into detail I left our encounter feeling stirly satisfied on every level.

As advertised Mistress Marlinda truly is the best at what she does and I am grateful for having had the opportunity to be with her.

An interesting side note as I myself am an animal lover is that she is also an animal lover and has an animal rescue website where she finds homes for abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats that she rescues herself.

Mistress Marlinda is truly an extra ordinary woman. I am really looking forward to seeing her again soon.

3 years ago

Being wealthy and looking for something a little more extreme then I am usually able to obtain, a friend of mine reccomended a unique international mistress named Marlinda. (For reasons of discretion, I will not mention his name.) He directed me to her website and I was both captivated by her beauty and the extreme services she offers to her clients. Upon contacting her, I quickly found out that Mistress Marlinda is a no nonsense Mistress that takes no shit...exactly the type I was looking for.

After explaining my desires clearly (as is outlined on her website) we agreed upon a price for these services. (Travel costs (flight round from airport to studio and studio rental costst for 2 nights included. In total everything came to 2500 euro... 50% in advance. Admiring her shrewed business ethic, I agreed to both the price and payment conditions.

As I waited in anticipation for our session, Mistress Marlinda maintained regular contact with me... which showed me that she was honorable and that the faith in the friend who recommended her to me was not mislaid. Unfortunately three days before our session, I received a call from Dubai. My presence was required immediately. I contacted Mistress Marlinda right away. She seemed dissapointed by the cancelation, but assured me that she would be available for our session whenever the crisis in Dubai was dealt with.

Three weeks later, the business
issues in Dubai were addressed.
Returning to England, I contacted
Mistress Marlinda. She was very
happy that my business issues were
addressed and happy about setting a
new session date. Again she kept
regular contact with me, emailing me
the day before our session was to
take place to confirm that there
would not be a another cancelation
as she would be flying over to
England that day. I assured her that
all was good.

When I arrived at the address she
provided the following day, I was
amazed by how tall and beautiful she
I immediately fell to my knees and
began worshipping her.

For the next four hours, my mistress
verbally and physically abused me...
caining and humiliate me even if I
dared to lift my eyes to take in her
beauty. She also made me eat a
"smoothy" made from her body
excretions... making me drink every
drop and making me clean the
remenants out with my fingers and lick
them clean. And she also fucked me
with the largest and fattest dildo I have
ever seen!

My session with Mistress Marlinda was.
everything I could have hoped for. My
unfortunated postponing of our session
only added to my exitement when we
were finally able to get together. All my
needs and desires completely fullfilled.
And when my schedual permits, I am
truly looking forward to having.
another session with her... maybe in


3 years ago

While online, I came across 1 particular advertisement that I found intriguing. The mistress in question offers no limit services and was very clear that no limit meant that every one of my perverse desires would be redily fulfilled. Indeed, the mistress in question, Marlinda, was an outstanding beauty... six-foot-tall, huge breasts, long blond hair and a very beautiful face.
Taming my time, I read everything she laid out on her website. I was very impressed with her no no-nonsense approach to dealing with her clients. Her statement that she has no time for time wasters and fucktards, was a turn on for me.

I read carefully the payment structure (conformation deposit, balance in session), I chose the timeframe for our session and the only question remained was whether or not I was willing to shell out the extra funds to fly her out to my location, and cover the taxi and hotel costs.
After reading the reviews on her website, I decided to spare no expenses. She seemed worth it.

When I contacted Mistress Marlinda, explaining that I read all the information on her website and was in complete agreement with all the terms and conditions, she was very impressed, because many of the potential clients she had to deal with often read only a part of the information she provides... resulting in her to spell everything out for them. She found it refreshing and pleasing that I had taken the time to read everything as she requires. Explaining to her what I do for a living, we got down to business.

I told her that I require a six-hour session where I would be totally abused, degraded and otherwise dominated by her. I would want to be caned, I would want to endure scat play, I would want to endure forced anal play as well as cock and ball abuse. At the half way point of our session, we would take a forty-five-minute break, then would continue until the session ended. I told her that I would fly her to my location, roundtrip, and would also pay for taxi and hotel costs... on top of the session fee.
Finally, I explained that I would deposit the "conformation deposit" as soon as we were finished online. My mistress thanked me and promised me a session I would not regret. True to my word, I made the confirmation deposit immediately. Upon receiving it, she thanked me again and said she would surely stay in touch.

Mistress Marlinda contacted me austerely up until two days before the actual session. As she would be flying out the following day, she wanted to confirm my presence for the day after her arrival. I reassured he that I would certainly be present and that I
was very excited about our session.

The day of our session arrived. I drove to the hotel studio we agreed upon for our session.
When I arrived, she was waiting for me in the lobby. Her hair, her make-up, her clothes... everything about her radiated class and dominance. As I had not yet eaten, I suggested that we have a bite before the session. My mistress gave me permission for this.

When I discovered she was an avouch vegan and explained that she preferred raw foods, I had the waiter bring her a fresh plate of vegetables and (per her request) water. I myself had a steak with a baked potato. As we ate, I discovered my mistress was an avid animal lover (not surprising considering she was an avouch vegan) She spent a lot of her time between sessions rescuing stray cats and dogs in many different countries around the world. This showed me that there was a very unique side to the mistress I chose. Needless to say, I was very impressed.

When we finished our diner, we went to the studio. My mistress opened the door, made me get down on all fours and rode me into the studio like a horse... slapping my ass as she did so. 'Let the game commence' I thought to myself.

She got of me and before I could get up, she kicked me in my cock and balls, not too hard, but hard enough to make
fold over... gasping for breath.
"Get the fuck up, you little crybaby" she growled" or I will kick you harder next time and now, on your knees!" In pain, I struggled to my knees as my mistress ordered. "Now" she said standing in front of my face with her ass to me. " You will eat my shit as it comes out of my ass. If you gag or spit any of it out, I will make you bend over and I will beat your balls with the handle of my bullwhip until you pass out. Got it slave? " " Yes, my mistress " I said most humbly. As horrible as it was, she spread her gorgeous as cheeks and I ate every piece of the bitter tasting shit that came out of her ass.
Satisfied, she gave me permission to tongue her ass clean... Which I did with relish.

When I was done, she looked at me and smiled. " So does my stinky poo eating dog need mama to pull on his tail?" She walked over to the dresser and took the biggest dildo she had. Coating it with Vaseline, she ordered me to bend over the bed. My heart was beating fast as I did as she ordered.

I felt her push the huge dildo against me. Then, with one brutal shove, she squeezed the end of the huge dildo inside of me. I cried out in pain. "Shut up stink dog. No wining" she growled as she moved the huge dildo inside my ass. " Now thank your mistress for fucking you how you like it stink dog" " Thank you mistress" I groaned. " Louder" she said. " THANK YOU MISTRESS". Then she reached underneath me and jerked my cock to orgasm as she fucked my ass. After I came, we were at the halfway of our session. Sensitive to what she made me endure and of my need to recover, she caressed and massaged me... talking softly and soothingly. This, I felt showed Marlinda was a consummate professional with the utmost class.

After our break, she turned back into the dominant uber bitch of my dreams.
The second part of our session was mostly corporal punishment... spanking me with a paddle, pissing in my face and mouth, humiliation and verbal abuse and a sound thrashing with the bullwhip she brought. By the end of our session I was thoroughly spent, thoroughly sore and thoroughly sated. In all my years of dealing with mistresses, I can honestly say that Marlinda was the first that completely satisfied me in every way possible.

Thank you, sweet mistress. Until the next time

4 years ago

Hi marlinda du bist die hübscheste Frau die ich je gesehen hab. Ich würde dich gerne einmal sehen .Ich bin grad mal 24 aber hab irgendwie ein Fetisch bekommen das eine Frau auf meinen penis pisst und tiefe blowjob bekomme danach.
Ich will auch dich lecken anal und dein arschgeruch will ich auch .

Danke würde mich über deine Nachricht freuen .

4 years ago

Marlinda is out of this world! After seeing her videos online, I decided to make an appointment with her in London as I was going there on business and a short holiday. Everything was arranged professionally online and we met each other at her studio apartment. She was even more beautiful in person. Tall, lean and blond; a killer combination!

Our session started off with a massage for me to relax and then it all got seriously intense from there on, which we both enjoyed a great deal. A true pornstar experience that all should experience to fulfill the deepest of fantasies. I look forward to seeing you soon Marlinda!

5 years ago

Had an excellent session with Mistress Marlinda Branco.

Paid the confirmation deposit well in advance. So, when we finally booked the session, she advised me to bring certain items for our rendez-vous. Also, she reminded me that I would be paying for the hotel, and travel expenses.

Booked 4 hrs plus Viagra.

She had made 4 scenes planned for our session and professionally video recorded it. I was nor recognizable as my head was covered but it did not bother me at all with sensing, feeling, tasting all of her divine fluids. And, in fact, the session was sooo intense that I had to really take the Viagra she provides to maintain the 4 hrs planned as I needed to recover quick after uncontrollable ejaculations.

Proof of session in video on her site. Title Exxxtreme Scat Pig in Paris

5 years ago

I had booked Marlinda at the end of 2017 in December but I had to postpone several time due to my busy work schedule (IT consultancy). However, also because I was both thrilled and insecure to meet with Marlinda at first and play out all the extremes that I was looking to do for so long with the right person... I really had to step up to the plate and finally go for it.

I paid her flight and other travel expenses and 2 nights hotel in Dublin ( Ireland ) and finally we met this year on February 27th. 4 hrs session with scat, vomit, pissing, anal fisting and deep throat in several hardcore positions (as I have seen in max hardcore vids). Indeed, I can only say 👌 Many thanks for Wednesday Marlinda ! Definitely broke new boundaries. You are for sure the real deal !! This time it wont be a full year before I book another session with you.

Heinz Konzalok
5 years ago

I am a lawyer.

I booked and paid a 5 star boutique hotel for this fine lady Marlinda Branco as I was sure she was worth it. I booked a 3 hr session in Heidelberg as that is where I live . She arrived the evening before our session and messaged me the number of the room.

At my arrival on the next day at 4 pm I was thrilled seeing her sooo sexy, dressed in stockings and high heels and long blond hair. She was stunning/ I am exhibitionist and she had decided to have sex in the elevator of the hotel and in the corridor right outside the suite on the stairs. I fucked and licked her there. Then she opened the window of the room and with her head and body hanging outside, I fucked her pussy .

I wanted to try the pissing both ways first time. So we went to the bathroom and she started pissing all over my head face and body. Wow what a sensation !

Then I peed over her. Wow what a delicious view my cock was rock hard and I started to fuck her anal which she really likes . We then sat on the white couch. Yeah she decided to cover it while I was licking and fingering her cunt deep and everything was getting wet. She came and after, we chatted for a while about our mutual interest namely saving rescuing stray dogs in poor countries like Romania, Albania and Poland. I was horny and recovered pretty soon as I came earlier in her ass due to the very good quality type of viagra she provides. I started to anal fist her and became very excited. She then deep throated me and I came deep down her throat. I bought 10 more viagra and will book her again in not too long.

5 years ago

I am from Zurich and I booked Marlinda Branco for the 5th time. This time in Cologne (Troisdorf) I also had 2 webcam sessions with her in between also to be viewed on her site pink firework and aerobics gone wild. I always write the scenarios for our session. She is real fireworks and very professional in playing it out plus video recording the whole session. I watch our videos together every week at least one time. The last one made damn MY SCAT QUEEN awesome surreal video ! What a performer she is. Damn hot ! Video titles dirty nurse part 1 and Scat queen part 2 and 3 soon to be watched on her site.


Frank Magnum
5 years ago


Had an amazing session with the most beautiful, tall, hot hardcore freak I have ever met.

When I saw her profile online... I was blown away. Tall, blond, big tits, a little round firm ass... everything that I am attracted to physically, she had.

Considering her beauty, and the fact she is a real pornstar... I thought her prices were appropriate. And as I am financially well off... this was not a problem for me.

I contacted her and after checking out her site and the other reviews I read... I agreed to pay the confirmation deposit she had asked on her site.

She contacted me as soon as the money was deposited and I arranged to meet her at my hotel in London in the following two days.

On the evening before our meeting she contacted me to assure that all was okay and that I would be at the prearranged coordinates. I assured her that I was here and anxious to play.

She came to my hotel room and immediately started ordering me around. This treatment got me hard as fuck.

I took off my clothes as per her orders and she had me stand there and jerk off as she whipped me with a six foot bullwhip.

I almost came.

Then she made me get on my hands and knees and began forcing her fingers into my ass.... then her whole fist ! The pain was too much.... causing me to come all over the place.

She pulled her hand out of my ass and rubbed shit all over my face all while calling me a filthy little shit face.

She made me sit there in my own filth while she hurled abuse at me... slapping me and kicking my body and one good one in the nuts... which put me on the floor.

Over the two hours I was with her... It was non stop intense hardcore abuse.... which was exactly what I paid for. Mistress Marlinda certainly delivered.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the beating the fisting and what have you... I asked her if I could have another session with her next month when I am in London again... this time for four hours.

She was happy to oblige me.

I will keep you posted.


5 years ago

I found Marlinda Branco on this site.

As I have rather hard core sexual tastes, (I am a Dom who loves to inflict pain and forced anal stretching upon my selected Sub) I found her advertisement as enticing and attractive as she was.

She claimed to be a "No Limit" Mistress or Sub Slut. And she made it very clear in her advertisement that "No Limits" meant exactly that... no limits. So, I decided that I would test that claim.

I responded to the questionnaire she asked that I fill out and I made clear my desires. When she factored in the things I wanted to do to her, she quoted me a price for the requested two hours. 1550 euros (775 paid as the confirmation deposit and the remaining 775 to be paid in session.) Would have taken four hours, but I had a business meeting to attend after my session.))

As "I am a man of wealth and means" to quote a favorite Rolling Stones song, I had no problem with paying the confirmation deposit she asked for. As a businessman, I fully understand the logic of this. Therefore, I paid the deposit and waited for her to contact me.

Once she received the "Confirmation Deposit", she contacted me immediately.

We arranged to meet at the hotel studio she chose (which was close to the airport).

On the evening of the session, I sat in the bar waiting for her arrival. While there, I knocked back about 4 or 5 shooters.

She arrived on time. When I saw her my cock began to thicken. She was dressed in black wearing pink ribbons in her pig tailed hair. She came over to me and I ordered her to wait as I had one last shooter. Demurely, she said "yes sir"... her eyes looking down at the floor.

Perfect, I thought.

I had my shooter and then took her by the elbow and led her to the room she chose. She opened the door. I pushed her into the room followed her in
and closed the door.

I paid the balance as agreed. And upon doing that, I grabbed her by the throat, threw her on the bed, flipped her over, yanked down her spandex and anal raped her as hard as I could. She was suprisingly tight and I covered her mouth with my hand to stifle her screams.

I raped her ass for almost a half hour before I came. (Alcohol has the effect of delaying my orgasm.) But when I finally did come, it was a powerful orgasm.

I lay on her back recovering. Then when I was ready, I got up.

I asked her where the bullwhip was that she said she brought. With sad little girl eyes, she told me it was in the bag she brought.

"Sir", she asked. "May I go to the bathroom? " I gave her permission.

When she was finished she came out to me standing there with the bullwhip. Knowing what was coming next, tears began to well up in her eyes. Even though I had just cum, her fear and tears made my cock begin to get hard again.

I tied her face down on the bed and put the ball gag she brought into her mouth. Then I began to use the whip.

Unbeknownst to her, I knew how to use a bullwhip very well... which she quickly discovered. Not wanting to damage her or scar her, I held back on the whipping I gave her. However, I whipped her severely making sure that she understood what pain was and that I was quite capable of inflicting far more than she imagined.

By the time I was done, this was very clear to her as her back, legs and ass were covered with thick red welts.
But she took it well... impressing me greatly as most others quit... no longer wanting to play after I whip them.

For the last part of the session, I fist fucked her.

I made her lie on her tummy, I out vaseline on my hand and played with her ass and when she was not expecting it, balled up my fist and forced the whole thing suddenly into her ass. The feeling of her anus wrenching suddenly open and feeling her buttocks clamping tightly around my wrist and watching her whole body go taut with the sudden brutal pain of this unexpected forced entry, was exquisite.

I masturbated as I forced my fist on and out of her ass. Then as I was about to cum, I pulled out my fist and replaced it with my cock.... once again cumming in her.

Knowing this was such a heavy session for her, I spent the last half hour gently caressing her hair, forehead and body as I held her in my arms... allowing her to mentally and physically recover from the extreme session she had endured.

I have to admit. I expected her to quit. But true to all she advertised, she is a real No Limits Mistress Sub Slut. This was definitively confirmed when I asked her if she was willing to book me for another session.

She looked at me, smiled and said "of course sweetie

5 years ago

5 years ago

5 years ago

April 17, 2018

I had a session with a beautiful tall blonde Goddess of a woman named Mistress Marlinda Branco.

So, I have decided to write about the session I had with her. But first, a little about me in order to put things into perspective.

I am a 54 year old businessman who is wealthy and who has some rather kinky and perverse tastes. (I enjoy scat play and being anally raped by a beautiful large breasted blond haired dominatrix, as well as recieving hard corporal punishment from her. And I like to reverse the rollplay... Becoming the aggressor whereupon I anal rape the mistress and she becomes the submissive.)

Most escorts say that they will be able to handle my perversities. Yet when it comes time for the session, they either are unable to handle my perversities or try to charge me more than what was agreed upon... And I end up leaving the session unsatisfied and disappointed.

On reading Mistress Marlinda Branco's profile, I was intrigued mot only by her beauty, but also by her claim that she is a "no limits" mistress. (Her website makes it quite clear as to what a no limit mistress is). And on contacting her, she assured me that she would be able to handle my perversities and would take great pleasure in recieving me.

Being a businessman, I fully understood and respected the concept of a "confirmation deposit", therefore I booked a three hour session according to her rules.

We met at the hotel/studio she chose and was astounded that she was as beautiful in real life as she was in her advertisements.

We got down to business immediately. I paid her the remaining balance. And she ordered me to take off my clothes. Whereupon, she grabbed me by the hair and dragged me into the bathroom... Uttering profanities at me along the way.

She ordered me onto the shower turned around and ordered me to suck her ass... Which I did. Then I began to taste her fowl bitter shut as she pushed it out of her bowels and into my mouth. It was exquisitely disgusting and my stick stiffened hard as a rock. When I could consume no more, she smeared the remaining shit upon my face and chest and slapped me hard across the face for not eating it all.

Covered in shit she took me to the bed and made me get upon it on my hands and knees... as she paddled my ass and uttered profanities at me, she made me use my shit as lubrication to jerk myself off with.

Then she took out the largest dildo she had in her arsenal and proceeded to force the huge head into my ass. Christ it hurt ! But I took it as my mistress ordered. And then I came.

After resting a while, it was time to switch roles.

I grabbed her by her throat and forced her on the bed. Then I flipped her onto her stomach. She has a really nice small ass for such a tall woman. I began spanking her lithe ass till it was nice and red. Then I took out the giant dildo she had used on me, put baseline over the gigantic head and spread her little ass cheeks. Her anus looked so impossibly tight.

I placed the huge head against her little anus and forcefully pushed it in... Hard. Marlinda cried out in pain.

"No daddy not there, I'm sorry I will be a good girl... I promise !" she squealed as I continued holding the head of this gigantic dildo inside of her anus with her buttocks tightly clenched around the shaft..

"No you have been a bad little girl and daddy has to punish you up there", I breathed as I pulled the head out and forced it right in again harder.

Marlinda screamed and cried like a little girl as I raped her ass with the dildo... Which I soon replaced with my cock.

When she felt me begining to come she squealed "No daddy stop you're hurting me" again and again and clenched and unclenched her buttocks as I ground out my orgasm deep in her ass.

Indeed, for the first time in a very long time I found a perfect Mistress/Sub slut who was able to roll play and anticipate my needs.

She was well worth the money spent

6 years ago

March 28 2018
I am writing this review out of respect and appreciation for the great session I had with Mistress Marlinda Branco... who brought me to my absolute limits and had the professionalism to recognise it and bring me gently back to earth.

After follwing the payment directives she gave me, she made it very clear that there were certain things she expected as a mistress and warned me that any infractions would be met with severe consequences.

I went to the Hotel suite she was at and remembered that she expected me to be contrite and humble on entering, so I got on my hands and knees and knocked on her door.

The woman who answered was every bit as beautiful as the photos on her website. She beckoned me to enter, closed the door and as I crawled towards the bed on my hands and knees, she have me a hard kick on my ass... calling me a dirty and disrespectful little piglet and telling me that she was going to punish me severly for not adhering to her rules.

I couldn't figure out what I had done wrong however, I was so excited by this that I began to get hard.

As per her order, I quickly took off my clothes and she forced her piglet onto the bed and began whipping me really hard across my buttocks with the bullwhip she brought... all the while yelling at her stinking piglet slave for daring to look at her.

That is when I remembered that she had told me that I didn't have the right to speak to her or look at her on entering. So, yes... I had in fact broken the rules by daring to look at her.

After whipping my buttocks, she started fingering my ass... which really hurt as I do not generally play with my ass for sex play.

As I groaned out in pain My Mistress asked me what I had said.

Foolishly, I responded... saying that I had not said anything. This angered my mistress as she had not given me permission to speak.

This threw my Mistress into an angry rage... and she began to beat my ass, back and legs with her whip again. I felt so powerless and helpless as I could not even apologise for my transgression. I had to simpily suffer and endure the punishment she gave me.

Then she returned to stretching my ass once again. The two fingers became three and then four. And to my surprise... she managed to get her fist into my ass.

I could not believe that she had managed to get her whole fist into my ass and excitedly I said this to her. "What did I tell you about speaking to me you filthy scumbag piglet ?" she growled as she roughly and painfully pulled her fist out of my ass and put her shit covered hand over my mouth. "You will keep your fucking mouth shut ! "

This was absolutely disgusting ! The smell and taste of my own shit (because she covered my mouth so abruptly, it was open... resulting in my own shit going into my mouth), was overpowering. I began retching in discust.

My mistress began laughing at me... Intensifying the total humiliation and disgust I was feeling. It was so intense. She warned me that if I dared to vomit on the floor that she would force her dirty piglet to lick up the vomit off the rug. Before that happened, I was able to garbage pail... avoiding getting any vomit on the floor.

My mistress was pleased with my ingenuity so she decided to play another game with me.

She forced me to lay on the bed, took out a series of rods and began to play with my penis... inserting the rods into my urethra. This was incredibly painful.

Mistress Marlinda mockingly asked me what was wrong. However, I knew better than respond. She could see that this was very painful for me by the grimacing om my face and the moans of pain I was making.

"Oh the poor little piggy doesn't like this ?" she asked in a sarcastic and humiliating way. "Well then maybe you will like this better !" With that, she got up and made me drink the urine as it came out of her body. Again she warned me about allowing any to escape. Unfortunately, it was difficult to drink all her pee in that position and alot escaped.

As a punishment for this, she began to slap and punch my balls very hard.

As I had hernia operation previously , I had to warn her not to hit me in that area. I asked her for permission to speak. She ignored me and continued slapping and punching me in the balls and even kicked me there. Finally, she gave me permission to speak and I told her that I cannot be hit in the area just above where she was hitting because of the hernia surgery. Graciously, my mistress did not hit me in that area. However, she did whip me, punch me and kick me everywhere else on my body.

After an hour or so if this intense treatment... my body began shaking uncontrollably. It was as if I was freezing even though I was not cold. I was emotionally and physically broken.

Mistress Marlinda recognised this and gently asked me what I needed.

I was so far gone that I couldn't even bring myself to verbalize what I was needing. So she took the initiative... gently caressing me and talking softly to me... massaging and caressing me. Giving me everything I was needing at that time but was unable to verbalize.

I knew that the session was going to be intense but I never expected that she would be able to bring me to the very edge of my limits and I did not expect her to be able to bring me back down to earth afterwards.

Mistress Marlinda is a consummate professional. She really knows what she is doing. She can be severe and cruel, but she is able to recognize when someone is at the boundaries of their limitations.

I will certainly be having future sessions with Mistress Marlinda as no one has ever been able to do this for me before.

Toronto 2017
Marlinda??just amazing meeting you!  so beautiful and tall! Haha i love it!. Had a once in a lifetime experience with you and enjoyed every second! Hope you enjoyed me aswell    next time you're back here we will have more time and you can really have your way with me, really had a great first experience doing that with you, just...speechless. have a safe travel to everywhere else! Hope you see you again soon? lets stay in touch if you can?
so gorgeous! Hope to see the videos soon and see you again soon!
March 2017

Marlinda Branco Hardcore Exxxtreme. Everything as advertised... and more !

This review is about Marlinda Branco.

I am not one who often takes the time to write reviews about anything or anyone. However, after my session with Marlinda, I felt it appropriate to take the time.

I went on Backpage Quebec in search of an escort that would be in line to my tastes and desires. Thus, when I came across her advertisement.... long blond hair, fair skinned, tall and drop dead gorgeous, I thought "Damb ! This bitch is hot !!". My heart sunk a bit when saw that she was listed as a Mistress (As I, myself, am a Dom), however, just for fun, I decided to check out her e-mail link.

To my surprise (and delight) I quickly discovered that Marlinda Branco was an actual porn actress. I also discovered that Marlinda worked both as a Mistress and as a Submissive. Also, I saw that she was a No Limit escort. Not being absolutely sure about exactly what "No Limit Mistress" meant, I read on and discovered that No limit meant exactly that ... no limits (in other words... pretty well anything goes... which is a rare thing to find. Especially in Canada where most escorts are rife with hangups and drama). Of course I was skeptical about this. (However, more about this later.)

I saw how much she charged for her services. Considering the service she offered, I felt this was fair. However, I was somewhat concerned when I discovered that she required a 50% confirmation payment. thus, after thoroughly studying her website, I decided that she was worth the risk and I booked a two hour session with her.

I met her at a hotel in Downtown Montreal, where she had booked a room for our session. I met her in the bar and I was astounded when I saw her. Absolutely gorgeous ! Everything I had hoped for !! As she doesn't drink nor smoke, she sat there patiently as had a couple of drinks before we headed up to the room. During this time, we talked about the No Limit thing. She assured me that what she advertised was truly what she was all about.

When we ascended to the room, she undressed, then undressed me and we took a shower together. During the shower, she gave me a blowjob... deep throating me with glee as I held her head, forcing my cock down her throat. and yes, I did indeed cum.

After the shower, she gave me a massage. I have gone for massage services before, and I can say, without hesitation, that this was one of the best massages I have ever gotten. Then, to my surprise, she started rimming me. Although not really my thing, I admired her enthusiasm and I cannot say that it wasn't pleasurable.

I decided to test her out... to see if no limit was really no limit. I began abusing her... slapping her across the face and pinching her nipples really hard. When I saw the look of pleasure in her eyes, I realized that this was not simply work for her (as is the case with most escorts, who demonstrate impatience and sometimes boredom). She was really into this hardcore.

For two full hours, I bound, caned, slapped, spanked, pinched, throat fucked, anal raped, vaginally and anally fist fucked Marlinda Branco. She took everything I gave her with pleasure and joy... allowing me to abuse her body and cum multiple times.

At the end of our session, she thanked me... telling me that it was pleasurable for her as well.

Thus, for those who read my review, I can attest that Marlinda Branco is the real deal ! An extreme freak bitch extraordinaire... and worth every dollar spent.


Marlinda Branco Become your greatest version Art 12 1 2017

Newest webcam session 50 min

Marlinda Branco Webcam Session Naughty Schoolgirl made a mess in the toilet, now she has to be punished. Scat & Vomit fully dressed in Nylon Stockings

mariaficktoria 2 weeks ago

Girl, you are a

firework! Perfect 10+ dirty filthy kinky show!

Wichsenboy27 2 weeks ago

very nice

Unknown 3 weeks ago

this is one of my favourite dirty girl. Absolutely perverted sick show. Love it .

kinkypervers 3 weeks ago

nice,crazy,dirty lady

Legion.Ex@8.9 3 weeks ago

She's Beautiful Sexy n Kinky.

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Marlinda Branco Porn

mob +31618991109

I live in Switzerland and during my business trip for a couple of days in Frankfurt I wanted to take some time for relaxation. We arranged the financial details and after I wired the 50% booking deposit we would meet in her hotel room. I took a 4 hour session. My wishes were foot fetish, deepthroat non stop, gagging, facefuck, anal fuck, spanking, uro (in mouth and body for her and me), anal vaginal fistfuck, and, come over face. I wanted a video of the session. For some extra euros you can have the video only for yourself. Then she will not expose it on her website.
If you want you can film with your own camera. She looked awesome when we met 3 days later on November 20 at 1pm. Very nice huge tits and an athletic slim and tall body on pornstar highheels. Long blond hair. We had an amazing and very pleasant horny time and she full filled all with her quite skilled talents. I was not surprised as I had seen her videos and read the reviews but this was beating my expectations ! I filmed us during the 4 hours. She jerked off my cock with her sexy and beautyfull feet in varied positions. She sucked and gagged my dick and licked my balls just as I like it and with lots of spit . My cock remained hard for all these hours...with some help to up hold my lust, we continued endlessly. I fucked her anus while she leaned on a cabinet with 1 knee and 1 leg standing on the bed. This way I got easy acces to this divine vieuw and I filmed it all with my camera in my hand. When I was laying on the ground she fucked my dick with her anus and with her arse backwards to me . She peed on my dick standing above me and right after she sucked my dick deep in her throat. I licked her pussy and anus and shoved all my fingers in it. In the bathtub I gave her tits a golden shower and sprayed a lot of piss in her wide open mouth..all filming.
Face fucking her gently and slowly alternate with hard and rough. She swallowed my 20 cm without hesitation. Man...she is very good at it ! We stopped for a break a few times for an excellent massage of my body. It was as well pleasantly talking with her. In the end I was laying on my back between her legs and she rubbed my balls and jerked off my cock. At the same time, while her tits were hanging above my eyes, I fingered her clit for a long time. She was very very excited and got a loud orgasm. Finally I jerked myself off, sitting on my knees next to her I filmed her tits. She was laying on the bed right underneath my cock. Her lips and tongue wrapped around my dickhead, I shot my huge load of cum deep into her throat. She swallowed all of it.

For me this was the ultimate fetish and porn experience and a great reminder at home on video. I just can not get enough of it.
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Read JoshuaSpike Amsterdam, NON-US Yes Marlinda Branco Face fuck Dom/Submissive Spanki...
I am a very into latex and asked Marlinda to wear it through the session. My main wish was to role play where I would be the dominant and Marlinda as submissive. I wanted to spank her but and face, face
fuck, pissing and anal fuck.Then switching roles. I am from London and wanted a break from work
I had booked her for 4 hours in Amsterdam. After I had paid the down payment (50%) the session was scheduled for November 17
at 1pm.
spanked her face and smoothly
face fucked her for a long time, she is really excellent at it !!!
After I had licked and rubbed her cunt and anus
it made her very wet and horny, she took over control and spanked my but, called me 
small dick (9") and put a finger into my arse.
She milked my cock shouting you are nothing ! I am just gonna milk you !
Leaning forward on my knees, I exploded
. After a massage and during good conversations, she did some yoga positions. 
these great vieuws on her wide open cunt, I got hard again. In missionary position she
gave my """ cock a deep
throat again. Then I fucked her arse in doggy style, on her back
into her mouth.
After face fucking
Marlinda on her knees
and I
had p
in her mouth, I spurted my load all over her firm big tits.  I am really looking forward to meet her again for a session.
I definitly book her again.
I booked Marlinda Branco for a Max Hardcore deep throat gagging ,facefuck ,come and piss in her throat session . I booked her for 3 hour session in the beautiful city of Amsterdam.
After settling finances (already wired a downpayment of 30%) we met at the hotel in Amsterdam where I was staying. From the start there was a good vibe and after she gave me an excellent oily rubdown while having a relaxin conversation she started gagging my 8 inch cock letting her spitt dripping from my shaft, I fucked her mouth and throat!! non stop until we hit the bathroom where I pissed in her throat while she was sucking me off. She took it all and let it come out again during a voracious facefuck session. Back at the main room she put on a leather eyemask and put clams on her nipples, she put on thigh-high boots on her seamed fishnet suit covering her whole body including those big tits and yummy huge nipples.
She laid herself on the wooden table and I started exploring her anus with 5 fingers opening it up while jerking off when she started feeling the pain it excited me (and her!). Tears smeared her make-up and I started screwing her in the arse and pussy. After half an hour I came all over her hot face and we hit the shower.
We laid on the bed where she gave me a good massage where upon my soldier got erect again and we started all over again. 

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I have had her for a 2hrs session in her studio in Amsterdam with lots of anal and ass worshipping..its one of my fav things.. . I love horny shapely buttocks and those of her are pretty firm . I like to fuck that ass with a big dildo and then my 7'' in it.. shoot it full of cum! Also, I had asked her if she wanted to do something artistic with it, in a very slutty way. Making a short movie out of it sounded like fun to me.
As an example I had sent her 2 links on what I wanted. Quite nervous, I went there. She opened the door and I saw a tall woman in a kinky outfit, with a black mask. When she laughed and said hello she showed vampire teeth ... The 2 hours were very horny and we filmed about 30 minutes.. I was sucked off nicely and very deep while I pumped that big dildo 10"?? in her ass. It made her pretty horny too. She drooled over my cock and planted those teeth in my shaft . She tempted me again and again in different positions with great views on her wide open ass. She drove me insane sitting on a chair with her ass towards me riding on that fat dildo, making circular movements with her butt.
I know my way with a camera a bit, so I filmed her turning completely lose on that dildo in her ass and pussy. . She screamed and talked dirty to me in her role as a vicious vampire. She spit and I got a big scare when I saw blood coming out of her mouth...very enticing. She tantalizingly had put a capsule with red ink in her mouth..
As a souvenir, she gave me a huge hickey in my neck. When I got to work the next day I mad sure to cover that souvenir with the collar of my skirt.. On her site you will find the film one day soon I guess.






Meeting date Duration City Looks Services Comunication
2013-03-11 2 hours Amsterdam
: 10
: 10
: 10
With tongue
Without condom
Yes, swallow
Don't know
Multiple times allowed
Real picture





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Thumbs upMarlinda Branco

Made an appointment with Marlinda Branco for a session at my hotel this time in Köln (Germany).. It was my second appointment after meeting her in Amsterdam while I was there for business.. Met this lady via her website
After I wired the downpayment (30%) Marlinda came to my hotel room for the session in question. The second time around I had the most spectacular blowjob, deepthroat at its finest while she rimmed my arse and put her fingers in it. Thereafter I received a wonderful golden shower and we ended the session with a great facefuck/gagging that lasted about 40 minutes. This was the total Porn program as only she can offer.

John 'Pacheco' Summer

2- 4- 13


bedankt voor de newsletter mail die ik vandaag van u ontvangen heb.
Ik heb met u in Antwerpen een super date gehad.u was extreem profesioneel
en zeker korekt.Ik ben net terug van een lang verblijf in Thailand,maar ben super geintreseerd in uw facefuck en blowjobs.
Alvast bedankt.


Alex90Post date: 2013-03-21

Meeting date Duration City Looks Services Comunication
2013-03-11 2 hours Amsterdam
: 10
: 10
: 10
With tongue
Without condom
Yes, swallow
Don't know
Multiple times allowed
Real picture




Read all positive reviews online.

I can not control negative minded people.

There behaviour tells everything about them selves ,their own frustrations and is their projection of themselves on me...bullying and stalking, threatening me and other woman.

I should be getting payed for that. 

I am just mirroring ,stand up for myself and am not responsable for their behavours and lack of higher awarenesses then their own narrow minds.

I wish them a lot of Gods Light and Love, send to all the hurt ones.

Hush little baby don't you you cry,

Mama is gonna sang you a lullaby. 

Go to sleepy little baby.

When you wake, you shall have cake.

And all the pretty little horses.

Its my pleasure to create art and entertain you as long I have the warm and feeling save space for doing that. When you are not open to me or have a hidden agenda, a big ego and trying to put me down, manipulative, its not going to work out as nice as it can be. Actually you are not welcome here. 

I take the lead to create in my own special ways..always. Not standing in anyonce shadow. Never



I visited Marlinda Branco for a session and was completely impressed by her deep throat skills.

She sucked my dick using her tongue, lips, fingers.  Never had a woman with such a wide variety of oral skills. Marlinda Branco almost devoured my cock as if she were possessed, taking it all the way, my penis completely vanished in her mouth and her throat.  I completely surrendered to this gagging godess!

She looks stunning,a perfect body, is very nice, intelligent and when all warmed up by me with passion in her eyes recieving my dick into her ars, cunt and her mouth all the way without any holding back continiously for 2 hours !! Like I always see in porn movies.Then a 3trd hour for a massage with her sensitive and strong hands she rubbed all my tension and tiredness away plus some more entertainments after, showing some fetish and horny skills wich made me come again,standing up shooting my sperm all over that beautifull face and tits.

Till next time Marlinda ! Jason Miami 




Suffocation and beating in the face

Slave B wrote:

My fantasy is that I am tied to a chair and you are wearing your latex catsuit. You start to kiss me but suddenly you hit me several times in the stomach and the chest, then you spit on me and slap me. The next thing I know you tie a plastic bag to my head and laugh as I am suffocating while you start to lick my penis. You lick my ass next while continue to suck the nylon. Then you sit on me and we fuck while you are slapping me and spitting me. When tired of me you suck the juice out of me...


I liked him from the start.. kissed him with devotion.. no problem..mmm he made me hot.

Wow!..I punched him real hard,boxing hard punches, 20 times after another in the chest and stomach..I enjoyed it tremendously!

I felt super and relieved ! High on spirit and adrenaline. Then a plastic shine through sack on his head, wich he broad himself, tied him up to the chair ,his arms tied to the seats arms, start blowing him off, I hit him in the face left right, no merci real hard ..the bag on his face and kissing him trough it on the mouth..since he begged me ,orderd me like a leader to kiss him.


No!...but yes through the back, so I decided !

Spitting in the face again and again, slapping hard in the face aswell..beat the crap out of him..his head smacked to both sides and his face with fear. 
He was suffocating and I was laufhing with ridicule and arrogance, loud shouted sarcasticly 'hahaha are you suffocating !!?'

Then a condom and a really hard and quick bouncing fuck fuck fuck fuck on his big dick and slapping and spitting after another.

I tied his hand tied to his feet and took his dick in my mouth,he is starting to suffocate ..gaping his mouth for air, wich wasn't there !!

With despair and passion he came, and squirted his sperm out over his belly. I massaged him 25 minutes,he was a dear

He was a tall,big bear, a quiit ,sweet ,shy, kalm and sympathic man with fantasy, good spirit, an intelligent and delicate leader...I felt it. I told him to tell me all his fantasies for doing that a next time, since I really liked this session, it ,it stimulated me...his scenario.



Arno Jansen 10-11-2012

Marlinda Branco deep throat mij 1,5u lang , de spetters vliegen ervan af .Ze spuugt op mijn pik en kokhalst en gaggt weer door.Tranen over haar wangen met een woeste tinteling in haar ogen kijkt ze me steeds weer aan. Haar spuug kwijlt alweer bovenop mijn pik en ze masseert en pijpt weer door , steeds maar weer. Super ! Niet te weerstaan in die geile latex nurse outfit met haar grote geile tieten erbovenuit ploffend. Lange benen en wat een soppige geile kut en stevige kont!

Marlinda Branco tiefe Kehle blast mich 1,5 st lange,dynamisch.Sie spuckt auf meinen Schwanz und wieder durch.Tränen auf den Wangen mit einem wilden Kribbeln in ihren Augen sieht sie mich immer und immer wieder. Ihre Spucke oben auf meinen Schwanz und sie wieder ständig durch Rohr massieren. Super! Nicht in dieser geilen Latex Krankenschwester Outfit mit ihren großen geilen Titten Ploffend Basilika zu widerstehen. Lange Beine und was für eine geile Muschi Soppige und festen Arsch!

Marlinda Branco has deepthroated me 1.5 hours long. She spitt on my cock and gags then gags on tears over her cheeks with a fierce twinkle in her eyes she looks at me again and again. Her saliva drools again on top of my cock and massages and sucks againand again. Super! Not withstanding that horny latex nurse outfit with her ??big horny tits popping above it. Long legs and what a soggy horny cunt and firm butt! 



Scat Bacteria Pete S. 

I had agreed to meet with mistress Marlinda Branco in a hotel in Antwerp for an hour of submission. When we arrived I immediately got a belt tied around my neck with a rope attached to it. She pulled on it and dragged me long the floor, screaming and shouting at me; “quick, faster, FASTER!" She then spead me with my legs open to both sides of the bed. Then she hit me hard with a whip six times on each buttock. I gave up and enjoyed while in pain but she did not want me to enjoy it too much and commanded me to sit on a low bench. It was a bench with cotton strips together. "Sit on your heels, Bacterial piece of shit," she shouted at me, the bench was not stable and I had trouble sitting on it. "Then go lie down!," she said with a loud voice. So I laid there helpless with my upper body and head uncomfortably on the edge of the bench. Meanwhile, she binds my hands along my stomach and wraps the rope five times around my belly and around my fat swollen dick. The tight rope caused the head of my cock to turn red / purple. She asked me if I brought a lighter. I said no... She left the room leaving the door open .. for everyone to see.. moments later she came back with a teasing smile around her mouth and ... matches. She uses the matches to light a candle after which she came and stood over my head with her legs open, so i had a perfect view of her pretty pink pussy. She then asks me what fantasy world I live in and what i do for a living. I answer with a broken voice; i’m a lorry driver. "Oh but then you have a dull life and probably jerk off to dirty, filthy fantasies you can’t fulfill at home!" Before I could say anything she put a leather hood over my head and took away the wonderful sight of her muscular legs and slim body, nice tits and cunt in a horny bdsm leather teddy. She then hits my cock a few times and afterwards immedialty takes it into her mouth. "What do you think of this? ‘she asked with a firm voice. I stumbled "thank you mistress' followed by a violent cumshot. She unties me and when I try to get up she says that I must do 15 pushups. "Come with your big fat belly .. up and down, faster! "exhaust yourself! You piece of shitbacteria," she laughed sadistically. She keeps urging me to do push-ups and after another thirty, I am wet in sweat. As a reward she slapped me hard with her whip on the bottom of my feet, six for each sole. Then I stand up with my hands tied behind my back and she hits me hard on my back, butt and legs and pours the burning candle wax over my nipples and shaft and then jerks of my cock really hard and agressive. My cock is still hard when she pours a large squirt of candlewax on my swollen dickhead. I shout it out and she slaps me hard on my face covered in leather. Then she pulls my hood off and the dogleash around my neck, she pulls me into the bathroom where she puts me on the edge of the bathtub, then she wants me to sit into the tub,  with my legs over the edge.. I feel awkward. It was very slippery and uncomfortable. She was sitting in a chair with her heels put on the side of the tub a meter away from me and made me look at her pink cunt where she inserted a speculum. This view turns me on immensely, .. and I was surprised by her streams of her pee landing on my belly. I turn my head away and feel like I have to gag, which makes her very angry. 'Don’t you dare not to puke, the speculum into my cunt is something to admire and my pee is not dirty. " She puts me on my knees in the bathtub and commands me to masturbate while staring at her amazing body in the mirror. The sight of her legs, body and nice tits make me so horny it makes me jerk myself off as a madman, my semen squirts into the tub ... an orgasm like this i never experienced before. She had given me all that I wanted and she gave me really belittling and submissing feeling in a resounding way. She has completely overwhelmed me and that was the intention!





Sebastien  Paris 11-9-2012


Marlinda Branco heeft mijn tepels gestimuleerd, gemasseerd, geknepen, getrokken, gestreeld, uitgerekt. Mijn tong hing uit mijn mond zo geil als ik was. Zo heeft ze mij gestimuleert tot orgasme na 1,5 uur! Ze heeft mijn pik nihil aangeraakt met hand mond en tong. Teasing me all the way.

Marlinda Branco has stimulated my nipples , massaged, pinched, pulled, stroked, stretched. My tongue was hanging out of my mouth as horny as I was. She has stimulated me to orgasm after 1.5 hours! She touched my cock with almost zero hand mouth and tongue. Teasing me all the way.

Marlinda Branco hat meine Brustwarzen stimuliert, massiert, gequetscht, gezogen, gestrichelt, gestreckt. 

Meine Zunge hing aus meinem Mund so geil wie ich war. Nach 1,5 Stunden hat sie mich zum Orgasmus stimuliert! Sie berührte meinen Schwanz mit fast Null Hand Mund und Zunge. Necken mich ganz





I booked this lady for the second time. This time I wanted something extreme, so I decided to become her submissive during a 3 hour kinky session. After a 15 minute massage she suddenly slapped my buttocks really hard. She then wrapped my upper body in see-through foil. My ankles were taped together. At her command, I had to stand up or sit down.. As a true sadist she beat my body and she finished off the beating session with a thin, sharp whip to torture my cock, scrotum and asshole. To sooth my pain she started peeing in my mouth, ordering me to drink it down. I willingly swallowed most of it, almost choking. I had to lie on my back and she positioned herself on top of me giving me a delicious view on her great arse. She drenched my cock with her golden champagne. Her urine was all over my body, cock and the floor. She ordered me to lick the floor clean. I gladly obeyed her command and licked all off her golden liquids from the floor. She was delighted! I, then , had to sit on my knees to showing her my firm arse. She pulled my buttocks apart, taped them. She started beating my asshole with a huge double dildo and then shoved it deep into my hole. After that, she admired my gaping hole and put her fingers deep inside me until she reached my A spot. While she was doing that she pulled my dick from between my legs and slowly but firmly jerked me off. I told her to stop as I was going to come. She didn’t like that and started whipping my buttocks long and very hard. She shouted ‘I wanted to see the Vaseline coming out of your hole!’ I pushed hard and the gel oozed out of my arse on to the floor. In the meantime she was filming everything. She was pleased I had cleaned my arse with an enema before my visit and to thank me she let me lick her nipples. I was allowed to bite them to make them hard as diamonds. ‘Suck them, lick them, bite them!’ she shouted. After a while she ripped the foil from my body. She was now wearing a strap-on and she pulled me on the latex dick. She started fucking me hard with her strap-on, beating my buttocks hard with both hands. I felt my sperm boiling and was ready to explode. But I wasn’t allowed to come. She demanded that I put on her shoes with 5 inch heels and blindfolded me. ‘Do my shoes hurt’ she asked? ‘No’ , I replied. ‘but they are really tight’. She then stepped on my foot with her high heel and that hurt like hell. She trampled on my feet and my cock was hard as a rock. She whipped my erection. Lastly, I was lying on the floor with my arse open wide and she pushed her big dildo once again in my butthole, put two clips on my scrotums and started sucking me off . When she deep-throated my cock, I shot my loads of hot cum deep inside her. It had been an amazing pay date, exhausting and relieving at the same time. She, too, was pleased and had apparently enjoyed the whole session. She had filmed several scenes and 2 weeks later I received a dvd in my letterbox.







Marlinda Branco The ultimate porn experience

Everything you ever saw on a porn film and than some more, Anal, deep throat, rimming, tea bagging, cim, cif, golden shower, dildo anal DP with dildo, show



Great PORN Marlinda Branco

I could go as far as I felt I could,stretching her anal limits . Very good massage at start of my entire body. Came several times in the 3 hours session with her non stop deepthroat.She gave me an anal plug and dildo show, I fucked her anal and cunt. On her ass and anus she through yoghurt very sexy and beautifull. I fucked her in both holes,peed in her mouth,she gave me more of her deep blowjobs and played, made love with my cock. She used a speculum for opening her cunt and started peeing all over me and specialy my cock, right on top of it. I jerked myself of while watching,she performed double penetration with dildos ..again deepthroating and licking balls and my asshole with her tongue and fingered it.Yogurt and milk over her breasts and cunt, and me going crazy with the view .. her anus wide open with a butplug in and out .

Great PORN Marlinda Branco ! 

I think she is stunning in every single way. Love her ! I visit her in her studio wich has a nice white/cream/black coloured and warm ambience.We made a film, she put on some bright yet warm lights, placed the camera 4 or 5 times for different vieuws and was concentrated doing that, very professional. We really connected and chemistry was there. Other then that her body and face are perfect, a real modern and confident girl of this time..aware of herself in a good way . SEX WAS GOOD ON ALL LEVELS .She worked my cock heavenly and was out of breath each time she gave me a deep throath long time several times during the 4 hours session. She offers a broad checklist and does much more then any other girl I have seen and experienced. Our fetish and role play scenes where fantastic and very artisticly performed by her..different then what I was expecting , therefor she is not average . An artist who is following her own mind can certainly get my full respect. I have subscribed to her website and saw some great new video of her named Fuck It ! I am waiting for my movie to come up soon. She will give me free acces to her site to watch it several times a year by requesting it through email. Thanks Marlinda and definately meet you again !






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    Ben nieuw maar heel ervaren!Geregistreerd10-08-07Actieve recensies2Berichten9

    Icon14 Amsterdam, Priveontvangst , Marlinda Branco (uitstekend)

    Vorige maand ben ik bij genaamde Marlinda Branco geweest wiens profiel ik in de zomer ontdekt had op de site van kinky.

    Haar profiel viel mij op en iets in mij zei me dat de geilheid die ze tentoonspreid op haar foto's niet gespeeld was.
    Vermits enkele fetishes die zij aanbood mij bevielen en ze hield van sexy fetish lingerie was ik al voor een groot deel verkocht.
    Na een paar mails heen en weer naar Amsterdam getrokken en ik heb het me niet beklaagd, oh neen!
    We hadden 2 uur afgesproken en een vijftal Xtras (anaal, rimmen, pzc(tot het einde), plas). Daar aangekomen werd ik ontvangen door een héél mooie verschijning: schitterende ogen, een afgetraind, atletisch lichaam waar elke vrouw zou willen voor tekenen. Op de koop toe kwam ze ook nog intelligent, leuk en vriendelijk over zodat het ijs vrijwel direkt gebroken was.

    Op sexueel gebied was het zowat het beste dat ik ooit meegemaakt het. Na een duivelse striptease en lekkere massage begon ze mij te pijpen waarbij ze mijn hele pik liet druipen van haar speeksel ( love it) daarna alle remmen losgegooid en haar zoetsmakend kutje en dito kontje uitgewoond met mijn tong en daarna haar genomen in verschillende posities en in verschillende gaatjes ;-)
    Ik had op het laatste het gevoel dat mijn dijen gingen scheuren, zo heftig ging het er aan toe.

    Tja, na mijn verlossend salvo dat ik op haar heerlijke tieten en tong kon spuiten nog wat nagepraat en meteen een volgende afspraak vastgelegd waar we verder zouden gaan met het proeven van toeboeloze sex.

    Ik kan niet anders zeggen dat dit een aanrader is voor mensen die wat meer willen, je betaalt misschien een hogere prijs maar krijgt waar voor je geld.
    Las op één of ander forum een aantijging dat dit een omgebouwd vrouw zou zijn??? Dikke larie en apekool en ik en mijn woodie kunnen het weten.

    Oh ja, smeer jullie spieren in en doe wat stretchoefeningen en draag eventueel kniebeschermers, ik heb gedurende twee dagen gestrompeld ipv gestapt en mijn knieën hebben nog weken de schaafwonden gedragen (too much doggie!!)

    Laatst gewijzigd door itsme; 01-10-09 om 16:00 Reden: link kinky
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    Ik lees alleenGeregistreerd12-12-04Actieve recensies1Berichten1

    Smile Re: Amsterdam, Priveontvangst , Marlinda Branco (uitstekend)

    gisteren Marlinda voor het eerst bezocht voor soft-sm met een hoop rubber. Ze ziet er fantastisch uit en snapt helemaal waar het bij een rubberfetish om draait. Heerlijk geil beweegt ze zich in zwart rubber en ze voelt goed aan wat een dominant wil. Ze switcht makkelijk omdat beide rollen haar goed zitten. Ze gaat echt op in het spel en neukt heerlijk. Dame die je verrast. Aanrader voor rubberfetishisten.
    latexist heeft een recensieformulier ingevuld en gaf als gemiddeld oordeel : uitstekend
    Met citaat reageren
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    Ik lees alleenGeregistreerd31-05-08Leeftijd43Actieve recensies0Berichten1

    Smile Re: Amsterdam, Priveontvangst , Marlinda Branco (uitstekend)

    Sie ist wirklich Klasse und hat Niveau.

    Ich wollte mich mit Ihr zusammen filmen lassen und habe eine Verabredung gemacht mit X als mein Total Kinky Sub slut.

    Wollte natürlich hinterher alles Geile anschauen auf Film.

    Mann, wie sie blasen kann ...Deep throat, Gagging, endlos tief durchhalten bis ich fast abspritze.

    Mich so geil Rimmen und gleichzeitig 2 Dildos in ihrer Fotze zum ankucken ...

    Mein Schwanz kommt auf Hochtouren.

    Ihrer geiles Gesicht fragt mich die ganze Zeit um meinen Samen und dann fickte ich sie in den Arsch - sie genießt das sehr.
    Ich pinkelte über ihren geilen Arsch, Fotze und ohne zu fragen bläs sie mich mit voller Hingabe - 
    Sie fragte mich sie zu spanken weil sie es genießt uns sich selber gerne verliert in Ihr geiles Spiel.

    Inzwischen filmten wir alles mit einer Kamera.

    Sie macht die Kameraführung und weiß genau wie sie schöne Bilder festhalten kann.

    Sie bleibt naturlich und echt, kein fauler Zauber.

    Nächstes Mal möchte ich gerne einen Kameramann dabei haben.

    Denn ich spürte noch viel mehr Potential zur Hingabe wenn wir beide total los gehen können.

    ie sagte mir das der Kameramann ein Profi ist und er nur filmt. Wir beide haben die Regie und es ist wirklich ein Date für uns beide - alles intiem und gemütlich und es bleibt genügend Zeit für Entspannung ohne Kameramann.
    Sie massierte mich nach unserem Spiel noch so herrlich, sie ist wirklich

    talentiert und hat alles was ein Mann sich wünscht bei einer Frau.

    Ihre Website mit Films / Fotos geht Mitte Juni online...

    Freue mich!

    Ich bin oft geschäftlich im Ausland und sie sagte mir es zu genießen um

    mal ein paar Tage mit zu kommen und einfach zu genießen von anderen

    Städten und Kulturen, Meer und Sonne und am Abend mich zu verwöhnen mit Massage und außergewöhnliches mental blowing geiles sex.

    Sag ich nicht nein……

    Burckhart69 heeft een recensieformulier ingevuld en gaf als gemiddeld oordeel : uitstekend
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    Ben nieuw maar heel ervaren!Geregistreerd09-01-09Leeftijd50Actieve recensies2Berichten10

    Standaard Re: Amsterdam, Priveontvangst , Marlinda Branco (uitstekend)

    Ik ben op het profiel van deze vrouw gebotst op en vond het zo'n kanjer dat ik meteen een email heb gestuurd om te toetsen wat allemaal mogelijk was

    Was verrast dat ze snel terugmailde en een héél lange infomail terugstuurde met de diverse mogelijkheden en die waren héél omvangrijk.

    Heb dan ook vorige week afgesproken met haar in haar studio in Amsterdam.

    Werd verwelkomt met een glimlach en na de financiële kwestie te hebben geregeld onder het nuttigen van een watertje tot aktie overgegaan.

    Zoals gevraagd droeg ze zelfophoudend kousen en hoge hakken. 
    Ze begon mij te pijpen als een waanzinnige slet, mij pik insmerend met haar spuw. Ik begon het moeilijk te krijgen toen ze mij begon te 'deepthroaten' maar kon mijn orgasme nog net uitstellen. Wat een pijpvermogen zeg.

    Dan overgegaan tot een 'switch sessie' waarbij ik haar kont en kunt sloeg met een 'spatel' en zij alles héél geil nam. Ik zag haar genieten van de welgerichte slagen en toen ik ook haar tepels met een zweepje bewerkte begon ze geil te steunen.

    Daarna heeft ze mij alle hoeken van haar studio laten zien en mijn kont bewerkt met een butplug. Ondertussen moest ik haar tenen en benen likken en toen ze daarna op mijn gezicht kwam zitten heb ik haar kut en kont uitgelikt als een waanzinnige.

    De hele sessie duurde een tweetal uren waarbij ik twee maal ben klaargekomen in haar mond. Ze speelde met mijn zaad en spuwde het op haar borsten om het daarna af te likken en door te slikken.

    Ik heb zelden zoiets meegemaakt! Ze is topprofessioneel maar ook vriendelijk en ik zéér gewillig naar de klant toe.

    Niet de goedkoopste, maar als ik bekijk wat ik gekregen heb is het zeker niet duur.
  5. 19-03-09, 00:00#7
    Ik lees alleenGeregistreerd18-03-09Actieve recensies1Berichten1

    Standaard Onbekend, Onbekend, Onbekend (voldoende)

    Afgelopen weekeind een afspraak gemaakt met Marlinda . ik wist totaal niet wat ik moest verwachten ook al had ik al veel info. van haar gekregen ,ben weinig ervaren,vandaar dus.
    Ik hoopte het er beste van want het was mijn 1e keer bij haar. Maar ik kan vertellen het was zeker de moeite waard en ik heb echt heerlijk genoten, Ik ben niet zo een goede schrijver maar ik kan haar iedereen aanraden.
    Alles wat ze aanbied doet ze met spontaniteit en heb ook heel erg met haar gelachen,wat een humor en ook zeker heel vakkundig en professioneel.
    Ik heb een top deep throatpijpessie van 2 uur en BDSM met haar gehad en een geile film er van.
    Zou liefst eigenlijk op non profie basis met haar opnieuw afspreken..
  6. 01-06-09, 18:46#8
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    Ben nieuw maar heel ervaren!Geregistreerd09-01-09Leeftijd50Actieve recensies2Berichten10

    Standaard Re: Amsterdam, Priveontvangst , Marlinda Branco (uitstekend)

    Na mijn uitstekende ontmoeting met Marlinda enkele maanden geleden kon ik het niet laten om terug een afspraak te maken. We hadden een sm game afgesproke waarbij ik in onderdanige rol zou zitten.

    Na een heerlijke massage die me deugd deed na een stressige dag bond ze me vast aan enkel en polsen, een blinddoek voor mijn ogen en begon me dan stevig te pijpen tot aan de wortel. Ze streelde mijn lichaam om daarna mijn tepels en erogene zones te tergen met een zweepje.
    Ze nam mijn blinddoek af en ontdeed zich van haar jurkje zodat ik haar mooie, naakte lichaam en voeten in zwart lak kon bewonderen.
    Ze trok een ander setje aan: een zwarte teddy en bijpassende bh en ****ige high heel die haar benen nog mooier maakten.
    Ze danste voor mijn geile ogen, theatraal en geile bewegingen maakend. Ze domineerde mij en spuugde op de grond voor haar voeten en gebood me het op te likken. Met veel plezier voldeed ik aan haar bevel en gekneveld aan enkels en voeten lag ik aan haar voeten. Ik moest haar voeten en benen likken van onder naar boven. Mijn glimlach irriteerde haar en ze vond dat ik zweepslagen had verdiend. 'Hoeveel', vroeg ze. 'Drie' stamelde ik.
    Welnee je krijgt er 10 op elke bil zei ze met sadistische ondertoon.
    Ik moest ze tellen één na één. Bij 5 zat ze op mijn rug mijn billen steeds harder slaand. Met haar naaldhakken prikte ze in mijn rug, van recht naar links van boven naar onder. Auch!
    Dan trok ze mijn halfstijve lul tussen mijn benen naar achter en begon het zachtjes af te trekken. Ze deed wat glijmiddel op haar middenvinger en murwde die genadeloos diep in mijn anus. Toen stak ze een butplug diep in mijn kont, haar voeten naast mijn gezicht. Ik werd geil van die tenen en voeten. 'Kijk eens hier' zei ze, ik richtte mijn hoofd op en keek in haar wijde geopende roze, natte kut. 'Oh wat een geile kut..' kon ik nog uitbrengen vooraleer ik schokkend klaarkwam.
    Na een massage liet ze me zien hoe ze knijpers aan haar tepels deed en haar lichaam in touwen wikkelde. Ik mocht in haar tepels knijpen en kreeg complimenten over hoe goed ik dat deed. Mijn vingers gingen in haar kutje tegen haar Gspot wrijven. Ze pijpte me heel hard.

    Mij pik stond terug staalhard, ze deed er een condoom om en ik moest haar anaal nemen. Ik begon haar hard te berijden en ze voelde mijn geile fantasieën langs mijn pik, zei ze. Dat maakt haar nat van geilheid.

    Die energy maakte haar net zo geil als ik was.
    Ze voelde mij geiler en geiler worden en kwam energetisch net zo spuitend en geilend klaar als ik. 
    Twas zo gezellig dat we tijd helemaal vergaten. Na een leuk gesprek en een glaasje champagne, keerde ik tevreden huiswaarts.
    PPik heeft een recensieformulier ingevuld en gaf als gemiddeld oordeel : uitstekend
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    Ik lees alleenGeregistreerd06-12-08Leeftijd41Actieve recensies0Berichten1

    Standaard Re: Amsterdam, Priveontvangst , Marlinda Branco (uitstekend)

    Normaliter ben ik niet een persoon van recensies maar voor Marlinda maak ik een absolute uitzondering..

    Was Marlinda al een aantal keren tegen gekomen op en haar zeer mooie verschijning bleef een zeer grote aantrekkingskracht op mij houden. NA MEERDERE KEREN NIET GEKREGEN WAAR IK VOOR HAD GEBOEKT,EEN TELEURSTELLENDE SESSIE HAD MEEGEMAAKT BIJ ANDEREN EN DUS WAT VOORZICHTIG GEWORDEN,Toch maar de stoute schoenen aangetrokken en haar een mail gezonden. Blij verast door haar zeer snelle reactie (half uur) en duidelijke mail met zeer veel opties en mogelijkheden mijn wensen aan haar kenbaar gemaakt. Wat mijn extra aandacht trok was de opmerking hier een scenario voor te schrijven en dit alles op film vast te leggen wat voor mij persoonlijk dan ook direct aanleiding om met haar af te spreken. Eindelijk was het zover en enigszins nerveus vertrok ik naar Amsterdam waar mijn langlopende fantasie dan eindelijk werkelijkheid zou worden? Aangekomen en aangebeld op de afgesproken tijd. Plots ging de deur open en daar stond ze dan..! Niet is deze dame alleen een enorme mooie dame om te zien maar straalt daarnaast ook een bepaalde rust en klasse uit. Dit stelde mij dan ook vrij snel op mijn gemak en vrijwel direct vervulde zij haar rol zoals afgesproken. Ik treed niet in details “ persoonlijk vind ik dit erg respectloos naar de dame toe” en kan alleen zeggen dat in deze sessie van 3 uur mijn fantasie meer dan werkelijkheid is geworden en ik haar op korte termijn zeker nog eens een bezoek ga brengen. Kort gezegd alles wat was besproken deed zij met veel passie. Op mij heeft ze in ieder geval een onwisbare indruk achter gelaten en kijk dan ook zeer uit naar haar dvd en onze volgende sessie! Tot slot.. deze dame beoordeeld en vooroordeelt je niet op je fantasieën of wensen en verdiend hiervoor alle lof en mijn diepste respect...

  8. 13-01-10, 22:22#10
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    Standaard Re: Amsterdam, Priveontvangst , Marlinda Branco (uitstekend)

    Ik zoek al jaren naar de juiste dame om zo heel nu en dan (1 a 2 keer per jaar) mijn fantasieën eens uit leven. 
    Gewoonlijk verheug ik me daar dan enorm op en wordt vervolgens teleurgesteld. De diensten die ik zoek zijn behoorlijk aan de kinky kant , dat is op zich natuurlijk niet erg, maar de dame waar je komt moet het toch niet vervelend vinden. Daarop knap ik nogal af. Helaas is dat vaak wel zo.

    Via een verwijzing op een of andere site bij toeval weer eens hier op terecht gekomen waar een link naar de Kinky pagina van Marlinda Branco staat. Nieuwsgierig geworden na een paar dagen een mail gestuurd. Zoals hierboven omschreven wordt deze snel en uitgebreid beantwoord.

    Ja, de prijzen zijn stevig. Maar de geboden dienstverlening gaat dan ook verder dan bij andere dames. 
    Afspraak gemaakt voor enkele dagen later en op verzoek aanbetaling door de brievenbus gedaan. Inderdaad wat ongewoon, maar die gok wilde ik wel nemen.

    De ontvangst was vriendelijk, een lange, slanke en mooie vrouw in een spannende maar toch nog bijna nette outfit. 
    Na een drankje en een massage zijn al mijn wensen vervuld, precies zoals afgesproken. Marlinda is prettig gestoord en houdt de humor er in. Dat vind ik persoonlijk erg prettig. Daarnaast heeft ze weinig (geen?) taboes of remmingen. Ik heb dan ook genoten van de tijd die ik daar doorgebracht heb (2 uur).

    Ik heb nog wat wensen over, die komen de volgende keer wel. 

    Het enige waar ik spijt van heb, is dat ik niet meteen voor het volledige programma ben gegaan, dat biedt nog wat extra's.
    Sometimess heeft een recensieformulier ingevuld en gaf als gemiddeld oordeel : uitstekend
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    Komt hier best vaakGeregistreerd20-02-05Actieve recensies23Berichten476

    Standaard Re: Amsterdam, Priveontvangst , Marlinda Branco (uitstekend)

    Citaat Oorspronkelijk geplaatst door Sometimess Bekijk bericht

    Ja, de prijzen zijn stevig. Maar de geboden dienstverlening gaat dan ook verder dan bij andere dames. 
    Daarnaast heeft ze weinig (geen?) taboes of remmingen. 
    Welke taboes heeft ze?



Sm Session Marlinda Branco 
Ich reservierte diese Dame zum zweiten Mal. Dieses Mal wollte ich etwas extremer,so ich beschloss dass ich ein kinky unterwürfiges sein wollte während einer 3-stündigen Sitzung .
Nach einer 15 minütigen Massage, sie plötzlich schlug mein Gesäß wirklich hart. 
Dann wickelte Sie meinen Oberkörper in transparentes-Folie. Meine Knöchel waren zusammen geklebt.
Auf ihr Kommando, musste ich aufstehen oder hinsetzen.. 
Als echter Sadist sie schlagen meinen Körper und schloss sie aus dem Spiel gegen Sitzung mit einem dünnen, scharfen Peitsche auf meinen Schwanz, Hodensack und Arschloch Folter.
Um meine Schmerzen lindern begann sie pinkeln in meinen Mund, befahl mir,es zu trinken. 
Ich gern verschluckt das meiste davon,fast erstickt.
Ich musste mich auf den Rücken liegen und sie positioniert sich auf mich,
mir eine köstliche Aussicht auf ihren geilen Arsch. Sie durchnässt meinen Schwanz mit ihrem goldenen Champagner.
Ihr Urin war am ganzen meiner Körper, Schwanz und den Boden. Sie befahl mir den Boden sauber zu lecken .Ich gern gehorchte ihr Kommando und leckte 
alles aus ihrem goldenen Flüssigkeiten aus dem Boden. 
Sie war begeistert! Ich hatte also auf die Knieen sitzen um ihr meine feste Arsch zu zeigen.
Sie zog meine Pobacken auseinander,klebte ihnen ab.
Sie beginnt mein Arschloch zu schlagen mit einem großen Doppel-Dildo und schob ihn dann tief in meinem Loch.
Danach bewunderten sie meine klaffende Loch und legte ihre Finger tief in mir, bis sie meine A-Ort erreicht. 
Während sie dabei war,sie zog meinen Schwanz aus zwischen meinen Beinen und langsam aber fest riss mich aus. Ich erzählte 
ihr dass ich fast abspritzen soll und sagte ihr auf zu halten. Dass geafahlt ihr nicht und ihrer harte 
Auspeitschung mein Gesäß ist hartnäckig lange. 
Sie schrie: "Ich will die Vaseline sehen wenn es aus Ihrem Loch kommt!" 
Ich schob hart und das Gel aus meinem Arsch sickerte auf den Boden . In der Zwischenzeit sie filmte alles. 
Sie war erfreut hatte ich mir den Hintern mit einem Einlauf vor meinem Besuch gereinigt und mir zu danken ließ sie mich ihre Brustwarzen lecken . 
Ich durfte sie beißen, damit sie hart wirden wie Diamanten . "Sog,lecken, beißen sie!" schrie sie.
Nach einer Weile riss die Folie von meinem Körper.
Sie trug jetzt einen Strap-On, und sie zog mich auf dem Latex Schwanz. Sie begann mich verdammt schwer zu ficken mit ihrem Strap-on,
gleichzeitig harte schlagen gegen meine Pobacken mit beiden Händen
Ich spürte, wie mein Sperma Kochen und war bereit, zu explodieren. Aber ich durfte nicht kommen. 
Sie verlangte mich ihr 5-Zoll-Heels zu tun und verbanden mir die Augen. 
"Tun meinen Schuhen weh", fragte sie? 
"Nein" antwortete ich. "Aber sie sind wirklich eng." 
Sie trat dann auf meinem Fuß mit ihrem hohen Absatz und es tut höllisch weh.
Sie zertreten auf meinen Füßen und mein Schwanz war hart wie ein Stein. 
Sie riss meine Erektion. Schließlich war ich auf dem Boden liegend mit meinen Arsch weit offen, und sie schob ihren großen Dildo wieder in mein Arschloch, legte zwei Clips auf meinem Hodensack und begann mich aus zu saugen. 
Als sie tief im hals meinen Schwanz saugt,schoss ich viele heiße Sperma tief in ihr. 
Es war eine erstaunliche session, anstrengend und befreiend zugleich. 
Auch sie war zufrieden und hatte offenbar die ganze Session genossen. 
Sie hatte mehrere Szenen gedreht und 2 Wochen später erhielt ich eine DVD in meinem Briefkasten
Sclabe Frank












































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