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Marlinda Branco Worldwide Exxxtreme  CLIPSTORE.


To my clients.

Its been a frightened time for every one indeed

especially so for my self who suffered a major earthquake

as well as restrictions associated with this pandemic,

As hard  it has been for everybody myself included ) I have survived.

I want each and everyone of you to know that I have not forgotten about you.


As your Mistress I have nothing to apologize for. I have survived through hell.

And have come out of it stronger then ever

Thus for those select clients who like to play hard I am still

available for playtime.



Marlinda Branco

Hello .

This is your Goddess,

Mistress Marlinda Branco Pornstar.

You have found the right hardcore xxx- rated art provider for your needs.


I am a Mistress Goddess Pornstar Exxxtreme of the highest caliber and quality. I  fly all over the world to service my new clients as well as my established clientele.  I am not based in 1 particular Country. I can meet you basically anywhere in the world on your request.

Both webcam and life sessions are available.

I am an EXXXTREME MISTRESS / PORNSTAR. I do not offer 30 minutes or 1 hour services, a session starts with 2 hours. FOR INFO, DETAILS & BOOKING MESSAGE me at my E-mail Info and bookings only through E-mail. Before you contact me READ ALL HERE ON THIS PAGE.




The correct way to address MISTRESS MARLINDA is :

"Mistress Marlinda Branco, I want to book you in ..... . Please give me your info, details, available dates and I will confirm today with my deposit ."

The incorrect way of addressing MISTRESS MARLINDA?:

When are you in.....? Or do you come to....?

Thus, my little slave pigs..., when I have been officially booked... I, Mistress Marlinda, will be there so that you may service me. Thats all there is to it .

Fur Deutsch Sprechern:
Kontaktiere mich nicht, wenn du nicht bereit bist, meinen Regeln zu folgen. Es ist erforderlich Ihre Buchung mit 50% Vorauszahlung zu bestätigen plus 100 % Reisekosten Hotel und Zug- oder Flug rundfahrt. Wenn die Sitzung storniert müss bleibt Ihre Vorauszahlung für ein anderes Sitzungsdatum gültig.
Ich bin sehr ernst darin, Ihnen die beste Sitzung zu geben, die Sie jemals träumen können. Ich erwarte, dass Sie es ernst meinen, auch meinen Regeln zu gehorchen. Wenn nicht bitte meine Zeit nicht verschwenden.

Keine erste Bekanntschaft per Telefon, Webcam, Skype oder persönlich.
Weil Möchtegern, Fälscher, Sturmer und ich einfach nicht die Zeit haben, 50 oder mehr Anrufe pro Tag zu beantworten und auch ein Date mit Ihnen für 200% zu haben

Buchungen und Kontakt nur per E-Mail.

Sie können Ihren Beweis in dieser E-Mail-Adresse finden, die in allen meinen Anzeigen und auf meiner Website ist. Ich bin der einzige, der Zugriff auf meine E-Mail-Adresse hat



I am a Goddess Pornstar Exxxtreme of the highest caliber and quality. I service my new clients as well as my established clientele from all over the world.
Be aware that I am a high end legitimate Exxxtreme Pornstar. Me and my services do NOT come cheap.

I am unique in that I am an Exxxtreme, No limits Mistress / Submissive Pornstar Exxxtreme.

(I play both roles dom & Sub)
What exactly is a ”No Limits” Mistress / Submissive Pornstar Exxxtreme?

A ”No Limits” Mistress / Submissive Porn star Exxxtreme is a specialist that can take you to and follow you to any level you wish to go… All is good. Every one of your kinky, perverse fantasies can (and will) be realized and actualized.

However, be warned... I have absolutely no time nor interest in wannabees, time wasters nor fucktards. 

So, if you want to play.... I play HARD.


There are some basic questions I require before we begin.
1) What is your age and in which city are you currently located? 
2) What is your profession ?
3) What is your professional  
     title ? 
4) What are your preferences? 
In which city, at what date time and how many hours do you wish to set for our session? 
 ( I do not offer 30 minutes or 1 hour services, a session starts with  2 hours.  ) No freebies. You pay for the session.
After I have received your reply I then will send you the next information and details for booking a session.
Marlinda Branco.


If you dare to question my integrity 

then do not contact me for booking a session.

I am not interested in time wasters.


Unless you book me for a webcam session... :

"No first acquaintance by telephone, web cam , skype or personally".
Because of wannabees, fakers, moaners and I simply do not have the time to answer 50 or more phone calls a day and have a date with you as well for 200%


Bookings only by email.


You can find your prove in this email address which is in all my advertisements and on my website. I am the only one who have access to my email address 


Financial situation
It is necessary to decide in upfront how many hours you want.
This can not be changed at the session itself.
When you book me, you stick to our financial agreement which cannot be discussed and changed.

With your deposit confirmation you agree with all rules as written and meant down here. 

I can be booked for amounts of hours decided in upfront by you of which I let go others and money go for. 
I like to but do not make time and effort for you for nothing. 

Because of many bookings it is necessary to confirm today with your deposit of 50% so you and I can be sure of our session that day and time. 

Paypal is not possible  

Pay direct through online banking.
Pay in any currency into Euro to my European bank account. Very low fees and very low currency exchange rates. 
Go to a bank and pay in cash to my bank account
Or send in an envelop signature for delivery via a post office to my mailing address.
Send Money Online with a telegraphic transfer
Send money through an e-transfer.

Or to my bankaccount with : 


A speed transfer is not necessary, just send a print screen of your transfer, cut and copied in a mail(not in a file),after you have done so.
Remains Total 50% cash at our session itself. 
I travel to you with pleasure but I must be sure I do not travel to you and make reservation for a Studio for nothing.
In the event of a cancellation, notification of 1 or more days in advance must be given. Additionally, your deposit will always remain valid for the re-‚Äčbooking of a session in any city/country you would like to book me in
Minus travel and studio cost if you cancel on the day itself and I am already on the road traveling to you or already have been arrived at destination . 

Kindly take note that it is impossible to book me without your confirmation deposit of 50%.

There are several options to do this and some are as anonymous and as discreet as can be. (I stress that I am not responsible for this effort as it is your wish is to book me.)

I have absolutely no interest in your details. I am not inspired by them in the least. Nor will discuss them.


I am not here to hide myself for you or anybody and its not my responsibility how you want to live your life . I've no interest in hypocrisy. I am most certainly discrete. However, I am not someone who will be placed in a box to be hidden away by others. Nor will I hide myself for you.

I do not involve myself with your life outside of the couple of hours within the realm of our session... unless it is something mutually agreed upon.We both have our respective lives... and this must be respected.


In the event of a cancellation, notification of 1 or more days in advance must be given. Additionally, your deposit will always remain valid for the re-booking of a session in any city/country you would like to book me in.


Ich habe absolut kein Interesse an Ihren Angaben. Ich bin nicht im geringsten von ihnen inspiriert. Ich werde sie auch nicht diskutieren.


Ich bin nicht hier, um mich für dich oder irgendjemanden zu verstecken und es ist nicht meine Verantwortung, wie du dein Leben leben willst. Ich habe kein Interesse an Heuchelei. Ich bin mit Sicherheit diskret. Ich bin jedoch nicht jemand, der in eine Kiste gesteckt wird, um von anderen versteckt zu werden. Ich werde mich auch nicht für dich verstecken.

Ich beschäftige mich nicht mit Ihrem Leben außerhalb der paar Stunden innerhalb des Bereichs unserer Sitzung ... es sei denn, es ist einvernehmlich vereinbart. Wir haben beide unser jeweiliges Leben ... und dies muss respektiert werden.


Im Falle einer Stornierung muss eine Benachrichtigung von 1 oder mehr Tagen im Voraus erfolgen. Außerdem bleibt Ihre Anzahlung für die erneute Buchung einer Sitzung in einer Stadt / einem Land, in der / dem Sie mich buchen möchten, immer gültig.



























































































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